At the age of 13 Ula got into EDM after his brother gave him a special track to listen to – “Tiesto – Forever Today”. It was at that time he discovered his love for electronic music and when he started to listen to tunes like “Love Comes Again” and “Serenity” that he grew a passion for trance. At the age of 20 he started thinking about making his own music. At the same time he was slowly putting together a DJ setup to mix together the tunes he felt in love with. After practicing over and over with FL Studio Ula successfully remixed his first track for Spark 7 and he did well being in the top 30 from 1000 remixes. Later on he released two tracks that did well on beatport.

A year later he got his first air plays on Future Sound Of Egypt by Aly & Fila with “Shadows” and “Tears Of An Angel”. He reached the next level and there’s more to expect from Ula in the near future!

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