Antony Waldhorn

Creating symphonic breakdowns and epic drops is a tough task to accomplish in music, and coincidentally this is what Moldavian producer Antony Waldhorn has excelled in.

Standing out among his fellow producers with his signature orchestral sound, 23-year-old Anton Morozov (better known as Antony Waldhorn) is already an established name in the global trance scene. His competence on music began at the tender age of six, where he was chosen to a music school to study basic music theory and piano. Throughout his childhood, Antony pursued on his musical education as he excelled on the French horn and piano, which showed his potential as a young prodigy. After 12 years of musical education, he started attending a music academy where he started to acquire high music education including polyphony and theory of sound.
On his 16th birthday, he was given a MIDI keyboard, which officially started his electronic music journey. Two years later, Antony decided to shift his musical direction towards the trance scene; the scene, which would highly appreciate his classical music ideas with the energy of the dance music.

In the beginning of his career, Antony was already a key member of Blue Soho Recordings and he was the A&R of its sub label White Soho. Even his early releases became favorites of superstar DJs, and it was no surprise that he would draw the attention of the Number 1 DJ Armin van Buuren in a very short time. During this period, Antony also showed his skills as a DJ, by performing in events together with highly acclaimed names of the industry by the likes of Above and Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Leon Bolier, Andrew Rayel, Ben Gold, Aruna, Juventa and more.

Antony’s music career went up the hill in the following years, and his hard work finally paid off in 2013 with his breakthrough track “Theatrum”. This piece of art had immediately struck Armin van Buuren’s heart, which led him to write to Antony personally to send this track over to him. Eventually, Theatrum became an instant hit, being featured on the legendary Universal Religion Chapter 7 and got championed by Armin van Buuren in all his concerts throughout the year. Following this great success, Antony did not disappoint his listeners and kept releasing top quality music. His track “Epilogue” was signed to the infamous Sunny Lax’s label and was handpicked by Armin van Buuren as the “Tune of the Week” on A State of Trance. His latest track on Lange Recordings called “Pirate Bay” got also massive support from the global trance scene, most significantly Armin van Buuren.

Currently Antony is working on brand new material to set the electronic music scene on fire, and nothing less than this is expected from this young genius.