For the past years the two guys of Avao have been busy making Electronic Dance Music together and have been trying to take the quality of their tracks to a higher level at every opportunity. Inspired by artists like their fellow Dutchmen, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and more great names, they have been putting a lot of effort and passion into creating their own sound. Because the two friends love the uplifting and melodic elements of trance, but also the raw and progressiveness of house, their sound is characterized by a combination of these two styles of music.

They started to contact several well known artists from the EDM scene such as Mark Sherry and Jacob van Hage. They were very positive in their responses to them. So Avao kept on developing new tracks and improving their skills. Recently, that hard work seemed to pay off as they proudly received the news that David Forbes of Fraction Records signed their track Rewind to his sub label Aria!

Now that Avao has the support of a label, they are even more motivated to make music and have people listen to it.