Massively supported Amo R – Zircon / Hexagon (ENTRM019) is ready for download at Amazon, Beatport, iTunes!

Hey there entrancing people! Here it is, the new EP by our very own Amo R. This set includes two fresh tracks from the Entrancing Music labs called “Zircon” and “Hexagon”. Both are pure Progressive Trance tunes. While “Zircon” comes with big chord leads and a happier feeling to it, “Hexagon” adds a darker vibe and more driving bassline. Further than that the pack includes two remixes of “Zircon” by Kajis and BluEye. Both rebuilded and interpreted the track with their own outstanding sound.

Support by:  Paul Van Dyk, Giuseppe Ottaviani, M.I.K.E., Dimension, Anna Lee, Torio, Neil Moore, Thomas Coastline and many more!

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